How To Make Fake Meth
I done this a couple times when i was broke and needed cash real fast. advice to you dont do this alone when ur sellin it to some meth-head. wear rubber glover ….

april 6

“to all yall wondering and thinking this is fake make meth; meth abuse; meth activism; meth awareness; meth hallucinations; meth in the news; meth poems & art; collaborate - unique.

Anyone dumb enough to use this is probably dumb enough to use something else just to get high. stop chasing the next high just smoke cannabis damn it.  

I’m going to state the obvious. in general, people who do drugs are crazy. i don’t think most people start out this way. but sooner or later, and often sooner.
How-to-make-fake-meth - what does fake crystal meth look like? : baking soda. crystal meth should smell something like driveway cleaner. crystal meth can look l.
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Cypress Philharmonic: "A Family Affair"

Glynnes Lanthier, music director of the new Cypress Philharmonic, chats about the orchestra’s next concert, A Family Affair, featuring works by Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn.

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